Spatial Network Simulation


To run the java applet, make sure your browser has the latest version of Java.

Random points generation

To generate a set of points, enter the number of points you wish in the "ADD" text box field.
Click the "Add" button next to it to add the points onto the panel.

Proximity graphs simulation

In this applet, you can simulate the Gabriel Graph, Relative Neighborhood Graph and the Delaunay Triangle.
Simply select the graphs you want to simulate at the checker box and click the "Generate" button to view the graphs.
Multiple graphs can be displayed at the same time in different colors.

Shortest Path

The shortest path can also be shown along with the proximity graphs. The edges of the graph are based on the Delaunay Triangle within the graph.
To view the shortest path, select the "Shortest" checker box and input the start node and destination node in the text field.
Click the "Generate" button again to view the graphs.

Reset and Adjustment

If you want to delete some points, enter the number of points you wish to eliminate and click the "delete" button.
The points will be deleted and the graphs will be regenerated accordingly.
To reset the simulation, simply click the "Clear" button to start over again.